Incredible Cardinals Book


Deep in Busch Stadium’s left field, you’ll find a wall of heroes. The greatest Cardinals of all time are painted there, reminding us that dreams do come true. Through this new book, Incredible Cardinals, these heroes come to life with their special feats. On this wall, Dizzy Dean still throws his flaming fastball. Lou Brock flashes his supersonic speed around the bases. Ozzie Smith puts on a show with his fielding magic. Just like players today, young Cardinal fans dream of joining their heroes on the wall. Will you join them one day too?

While written as a children’s book with fabulous illustrations and color, this is a book for young and old alike. After all these honored Cardinals are the heroes of every parent and grandparent. How better a way to bond with your children than through baseball. Add to the book’s short stories by sharing your own personal memories of watching these “incredible Cardinals”.